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I Want To Tell You Good News About TOYOTA diagnostic tool-TOYOTA Intelligent Tester IT2

Le 25 juin 2013, 06:14 dans Société 0

Today, I will share you’re the best TOYOTA diagnostic scanner tool, it is named?TOYOTA IT2, the IT2 is shorted for Intelligent Tester2. This kind of car diagnostic tool is very popular in our company. Hope my sharing about professional TOYOTA scanner with help you know more about OBD2 auto diagnostic tool.

I want to tell you good news today with Vehicle diagnostic scanner, the version of TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 has been updated to 2013.04. The new version supported language include: English and Chinese. This new version Intelligent Tester2 is specialized for TOYOTA and Suzuki, it is a touch screen tool that enables you diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication. Here I sincerely introduce the function of TOYOTA IT2 for you.


The TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 is a professional automotive diagnostic tool for TOYOTA. It can do all types of Toyota that made after 1996 and Lexus, this kind of TOYOTA diagnostic tool can read and clear code, date flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. TOYOTA Intelligent Tester2 IT2 also supports?OBDII?cars. It is very easy to use this kind of TOYOTA diagnostic tool.Highly recommend the best Vehicle diagnostic tool for Toyota to you!At the end, I will show you the main part of TOYOTA Intelligent Tester IT2 as below. 

In The Field Of Car Diagnostic Tools Occupy Absolute Advantage Of Multi-cardiag M8 CDP

Le 25 juin 2013, 06:13 dans Société 0

Is there a motor vehicle diagnostic implement can detect motor vehicle and truck? Which car diagnostic tool is the best option with high worth and best price. And which is the best cosy motor Vehicle diagnostic implement with more superiority than others. Here we highly recommend?Multi-cardiag?M8 CDP Pro 3 in 1 for you.

Multi-cardiag M8 CDP Pro 3 in 1 is a diagnostic scanner for motor vehicle and truck. This kind of motor vehicle diagnostic implement is the multi operational diagnosis. It is a motor vehicle diagnostic implement employed with a PC or bag PC and strong CARS diagnostic software. Multi-cardiag M8 CDP added to is a strong and flexible implement for all vehicle investigating, thoroughfare service, vehicle outlets, fleet holders, police officer and bearing arms forces.


Multi-cardiag M8 CDP can be works on both aged and new vehicle, it is a reliable auto diagnostic equipment performing as a bond between vehicle and computer. The most of superiority of Multi-cardiag M8 CDP is the diversity function, the function of Multi-cardiag M8 CDP embrace multi shade of color pointer, connector with LED, voltage review, chassis number Vin, ISS, ISI, and so on. Multi-cardiag M8 CDP is the best multi motor vehicle diagnostic tool.    

In order to the dealer and end user needs to fcar provide cheap price GM tech 2 GM diagnostic tool

Le 25 juin 2013, 06:12 dans Société 0

A good OBD vehicle diagnostic tool?can be takes numerous befitting for us, and save our restricted time, advanced employed efficiency. To select a apt auto diagnostic device is the mostly consideration. To I desire to suggest a best auto diagnostic device of GM for you reference. The?GM Tech 2 automobile diagnostic device is the most purposeful than any other GM scanner.

In our, GM Tech 2 is highly appropriated by GM proprietor clients, with the best cost and the helpful function, the sales capacity of GM Tech 2 is the foremost GM diagnostic tool. The most characteristic of GM Tech 2 is the handle?obd2 diagnostic device, very so straightforward to use. GM Tech 2 is popularized by GM technicians and vehicle fix enthusiast. This kind of GM Tech 2 arrives with Authentic GM programs and can be support for on-board diagnostic on all GM schemes 1992 thru 2010.


As the best OBD auto diagnostic scanner device for GM, GM Tech 2 can be identify numerous distinct cars. With a 32GTM business card for GM Tech 2 have 6 programs, you can use GM Tech 2 diagnostic more vehicle brand. The vehicle register include: SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden. Be fast to select our best GM Tech 2 vehicle diagnostic equipment for GM. More data about OBD2 auto diagnostic device, delight visit    

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